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LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES is the catalyst by excellence for 'State of the Art' innovative technologies that contribute to the transit and ultimately the shift from black to green economy, thus boost society to live ecologically responsible. In short, Solutions that have a definite added value when it comes to re-balance the eco system of our planet. Our aim is to contribute to trigger the speed up of the modernisation of existing industries as well as urban environements to participating to the design in the building of complete new EcoSmart Cities by integrating taylor-made solutions. The use of these technologies will help to make the change we desesperatly need in order to restrain as much as possible further damaging of our home planet.

For the technology supplier, LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES acts as an international marketing window by facilitating the opening of distribution channels and by monitoring the succesful implementation on local level.

LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES  has narrow contacts with top executives in various industries as well as with government decision makers around the world. Through careful profiling and assessment LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES, supported by its local PMO’s,  intelligently matches the right people and organisations in deeper partnerships. As a consultant, LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES, with its local teams of professionals, acts as the bridge between the supplier and the customer, translate the technical into succesful local marketing approach, facilitates the communication flow by concentrating the local demand.

For the customer, LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES local PMO’s are offering a basket of technologies that fits to the demand. The technologies can be easily combined, so that an overall taylor made program can be offered under the management of one entity. For its package of technologies LIVE ECO INDUSTRIES coordinates Marketing, Consultancy, Project Management and Aftersales Services.